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The World's Nicest DentistYour smile is the first thing people see, so take care of it by visiting your dentist.

I know that dentists make some patients nervous, and I get it. But trust me, it’s okay.

I’m Jodi Foy, DDS, PA, and I’m not your typical family dentist. In fact, they call me The World’s Nicest Dentist! Me and my team of exceptional, dedicated – and yes, – super friendly pros live to make your visit and your teeth shine.

Whatever your needs, we offer a complete range of personalized services to keep your smile in tip-top condition.

We’re accepting new patients, so what are you waiting for?

Fearless ones and fraidy-cats alike, Dr. Foy will see you now.

— Dr. Jodi Foy, The World’s Nicest Dentist